Faith in the Midst of a Pandemic

            How should a Christian respond to this Coronavirus? The answer…. “IN FAITH.” So many people in this world are chasing after things that only God can truly supply. Money cannot save us; the crashing stock market is proof of that. Our jobs do not give us guaranteed security, the millions of unemployed are proof of […]

Withdrawing to Your Lonely Place

Feeling burned out? Overwhelmed? Tired? This blog is for you. Withdrawing to your lonely place, is the key to revitalizing your soul and finding strength to make it through yet another day.

3 Things You Can Learn About Prayer From Watching The Movie WAR ROOM

I remember sitting in my chair in the movie theater as tears consistently rolled down my face, and I couldn’t help but in that very moment to start praying to God and thanking Him for allowing me to see this movie. To say this movie is a “good movie” is an understatement. It’s far more […]