Marriage is NOT a Fairytale

I’M SUPER EXCITED that my wonderful sister agreed to be a guest writer on my blog. After this blog, you all will see why I love her so much! lol She’s like a REAL LIVE P31! haha She has been one of my biggest inspirations in my life. I am so grateful to be her […]

Lord How Do I I Know If A Man Is Into Me

If you have to question it, then he is probably not. Anything of God and from God will bring about peace, not confusion. As a result, a man of God that is interested in you will seek to develop NOT confusion with you, but peace. If you have to constantly question a guy’s feelings for […]


    I wanted to write this blog to all of the individuals who distinguish themselves as “single.” I want to challenge you to think far beyond that word. So many times when we hear the word “single” we put ourselves into a particular box. It’s almost as if the word SINGLE and the relationship […]

PURITY 101 “Today’s Guide to Becoming and Remaining Pure”

WHAT IS PURITY? The world often confuses virginity with purity and use the two words interchangeably. This neglects the significance of the spiritual meaning of purity. However, purity is far more than the state of being “sexually untouched.” Abstaining from sexual activities outside of marriage is a good thing and it is God’s desire for […]


A few days ago I watched an interview by Iyanla Vanzant: “Fix My Life” that included the celebrity Karrueche Tran. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, she’s a model and celebrity who has been famously known for her relationship with artist Chris Brown. Recently she found out that Chris Brown had impregnated […]

The CONSEQUENCES of Sexual Sins

THE CONSEQUENCES OF SEXUAL SINS   This blog is long overdue…but honestly I wanted to take my time on it and truly allow the spirit of the Lord to help me write the words on this page. For those of you who it may be your first time reading one of my blogs, I want […]

Confessions of a Christian Virgin “Sexual Sins” Pt 2

WHAT SOCIETY SAYS ABOUT AND WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT SEX Within society we see that remaining in a state of purity is not something that is very common or popular. Society has led many to believe that it’s totally okay to push the boundary lines of sex, as long as you just try your best […]