Why We Should Choose Modesty Part II


Why We Should Choose Modesty

(Part II)

We should choose modesty because…

It helps us not to be a stumbling block or hindrance to someone.

We should not be the source of aiding in someone to sin. If it is in our control, we should not seek to cause someone to spiritually stumble. As a woman, if I purposefully dress immodestly and know my attire will cause men to look and lust after me in an inappropriate manner, why would I do that? If I truly love my brethren, and If I’m seeking to bring lost souls to Christ, why should I purposely do something that I know can be a spiritual hinderance? When I dress modestly I HELP PREVENT that from happening. Yes, in some cases a man can still choose to lust after a woman, even if that woman is dressed properly, but it will probably be somewhat harder to do so.  I should not be seeking to sin or help someone to sin. God wants me to be obedient and also help aid others in their obedience toward Him.

“Anyone then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.”- James 4:17


*Sidenote for the Married Women: We know that bed is undefiled in marriage (Heb 13:4), and that there is nothing wrong with being sexually appealing to your husbands. However, publicly you should not seek to shame your spouse by dressing in an immodest fashion. The only man that needs to be desiring you in a sexual way should be your husband. Save your unveiling and uncovering for YOUR MAN AT HOME, not all the men outside of your home. Modesty is for all women, not just the single ones.


There is peace and freedom in modesty.

Ahhhh! This is one of my favorites! We should be modest because there is SO MUCH peace and freedom in modesty! Contrary to popular belief, modesty is not a prison. There is a way to still be cute, classy, fashionable, and MODEST! We don’t have to walk around with brown potato bags over our bodies. We can still find joy in taking care of our bodies. We can still present ourselves in a womanly fashion while at the same time maintaining our modesty and obedience toward God. And while we do that, we can be at PEACE about it! How awesome is that? When I’m modest, I don’t have to think twice about sitting down in a chair when I have a skirt on. Why? Because I won’t be worried about pulling it down because the length will already be appropriate. When I’m modest, I don’t have to constantly be pulling up my top or be self conscious about who’s looking at my backside. Why? Because I will already be properly covered. It puts my heart and my mind to rest. I can be free in Christ Jesus and love every minute of it! Peace perfect PEEEEACCCCEEE!

“This is love for God: to obey his commands. and his commands are not burdensome..”

-1 John 5:3


I say all of this to lovingly encourage to obey the call of modesty. There is so much beauty, joy, and freedom in being a Modest Woman in heart, action, and attire!


Be encouraged


“Modesty is more than just physical appearance but reaches into the depths of one’s spiritual heart. Within God’s guidelines, we are free…free to be beautiful not just in dress but in heart.”

-Ashley Moneet


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2 Responses

  1. This is one of those topics that we as women do not like to hear but it must be said. It is a COMMAND from GOD. It saddens me that many women who confess knowing Christ can stay in the willful premeditated sin of immodest dress and that they can often possess the fiery dart spirit of ” I dare you to approach me or attempt to say anything to me about it, even if you encourage them in love. The cloke of you came to me in the wrong way is always worn. There is not anything more distracting than an immodestly dressed female sitting in front of me and my husband during worship service when we are trying to focus on God and worship Him in spirit and truth. What statement will be used when we stand in the presence of God. None. God will judge our hearts.Satan has a STRONGHOLD on the world in this area and many women in the church have been deceived by the lust to dress worldly and has convinced THEMSELVES that it’s ok. I submit to ALL ladies who has His spirit within them that “we know!” God’s Spirit WILL convict us. It is a choice. How we dress is what and who we confess. Let us all be encouraged. Let’s just be modest. It is God’s will for us. Ashley thank you for such a courageous writing spoken with such godly gentleness.
    Yvette Williams

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