Grown Wounded Child

Time does not heal all wounds. Sometimes time further reveals the wounds that haven’t been attended to or dealt with. Wounded children don’t grow up to be adults, they grow up to be still wounded children. No matter how old we get in earthly years, we will never out-grow being a child to God. Our healing is found in our Heavenly Father who created and made us. Don’t believe me? Read more to find out.

Knowing Christ Through Suffering

KNOWING CHRIST THROUGH SUFFERING   “Even more, I consider everything to be nothing compared to knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. To know Him is the best thing of all. Because of Him I have lost everything. But I consider all of it to be garbage, so I can get to know Christ. I want to […]

Healing After the Breakup

I can’t believe it’s been two years. I will never forget the look on your face when I told you I was walking away from the relationship. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The memory of the pain and fear in your eyes used to haunt me. I never imagined myself walking away. […]

Reality Check

Reality Check There can STILL be sadness on the mountain top. There can STILL be loneliness with status and popularity. There can STILL be emptiness with material possessions and money. Many individuals spend their whole lives chasing people, status, and things. However, life, peace, and joy does not come from any of those things. Our source […]

When THE FACE Comes Off

There is a saying that is referred to as, “Putting ON FACE.” It’s a new millennial phrase that refers to the ability to pretend or make sure what others see on the outside is the made-up, happy, best version of ourselves and of our lives. I believe it’s a phrase that has become a toxic epidemic […]

Ladies Do Not Settle

No matter what, DO NOT SETTLE. I know, trust me I know, you’re tired. You’re tired of the wait, tired of hurting, tired of seeing others get their answered prayers but you still feeling like you have yet to get your answered prayers. I’m here to tell you that God has not forgotten about you. […]

Why We Should Choose Modesty

Why We Should Choose Modesty Modesty is not a death sentence, nor does modesty mean that God does not want us to be confident in who he created us to be. When our hearts have a willingness and readiness to be obedient to God, there is so much that God can do with us. As […]


God is enough. Life with it’s joys and hurts always has a way of reminding me of this simple truth. I know it sounds like one of the stereotypical “cliche” sayings, but in actuality embracing this truth is the key to experiencing and enjoying true life. Some of you may already know this about me, […]

You Are More Than A Degree

You Are More Than A Degree I write this with the utmost love and encouragement. I know that many individuals are in the season of graduation, and to reach the milestone of obtaining a college degree or any degree of higher education is indeed something to be excited about. I, myself, can relate to the […]

Overcoming People Pleasing

Overcoming People Pleasing (Forsaking The Approval of Men) Somehow we have equated seeking to please people with being a good Christian, when in fact true Christianity has nothing to do with seeking to please others, but seeking to please God. You may be thinking, “Ashley, how is that true? God tells us to love others […]