Why We Should Choose Modesty


Why We Should Choose Modesty

Modesty is not a death sentence, nor does modesty mean that God does not want us to be confident in who he created us to be. When our hearts have a willingness and readiness to be obedient to God, there is so much that God can do with us. As women, when we choose to humble our hearts and reverence God, modesty will be something we DESIRE, not something we DREAD.

There is SO much BEAUTY in being a modest woman, both in heart and in attire. It speaks volumes about the GOD you love and the God you serve. Here are some reasons that we should choose modesty:

Modesty obeys, glorifies, and honors God.

The most important reason as to why we should choose to be modest is because through our obedience, we are able to glorify and honor God. People are able to see the love and respect we have for our Lord. There is nothing more important and more beautiful than that. When we choose to be immodest, we are choosing sin. To actively live and stay in a state of sin is not pleasing to God. To know that you are obeying God, that you are within the will of God, and that you are seeking to honor God can bring you so much joy!Obedience to God may come with sacrifice, but that sacrifice is always worth it in the end!

Our security is in God, not in attention from others.

As women, when we truly realize, I mean TRRRRUULLY realize who our security rests in, we won’t feel the need to try and draw out the attention of others. There will be a quiet confidence, humility, and reverence to God that exudes from our spirits. When we dress immodest, we are in fact showing our insecurity. When we crave the attention, the looks, the affections, and eyes of a man more than our Lord, we are acting in a state of insecurity. We are in a sense selling ourselves and bodies for a temporary filling of sexual approval and attention from a man, when in fact what we should really be desiring is the infinite love and attention of God. As a woman, we should not feel the need to show off our bodies. Our bodies are not ours, they belong to God. When we are secure within our relationship with God, and secure with who God created us to be, we won’t flaunt anything including our bodies.


Modesty allows others to see our hearts, and not just our flesh.

There is nothing more disheartening than when someone cannot see the beauty of our internal spirits and hearts because they are so distracted by our protruding bust, form fitted clothes, short skirts, or our see through attire. A man, should not want us because of our physicality but because of our internal heart and spirit towards God. True beauty is not external, but internal. So many times we think that being sexually appealing to a man will keep him. WRONG! It may catch his eye initially, but it won’t KEEP his eyes and heart focused on us in the long term. When we reverence God by honoring our bodies and covering ourselves, it will eliminate a lot of distractions. It creates a space to be able to freely get to know someone for who they are internally. The flesh does not become the focus, the internal heart, spirit, and mind does. Like 1 Peter says, a quiet and meek spirit is most beautiful.

“Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfolding beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.”-1 Peter 3:4

To Be Continued…


“Modesty is deeper than just clothing, it encompasses matters of the heart. Modesty reflects a spirit of humility and tenderness toward the Word of God. It seeks to be obedient to God in ALL things and seeks to never bring shame or dishonor to the Holy Father. What we wear is a reflection of what’s going on in our hearts. If God’s Holy Spirit and Holy Word is within our hearts, our attire is going to reflect what is within.”

With love

Ashley Moneet


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